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Let's break it down.

The Diskonservatorio radio show - twice a month show about local deejays for local deejays - aired it's last episode last week. I honestly don't know yet if I'll continue it or not. I've been getting a good feedback all along, so it's not really about the motivation.

What it IS about is stemming from a personal matter: I'm leaving my hometown for three months this Thursday. I got an internship at a great place doing the stuff I've been studying so I'll be pretty busy and stressed with making the most of this situation. I don't know what'll happen after that - I hope the get some grand idea of what I'll do as a REAL JOB - but it means I'll be less active with the DWTF blog stuff  and dj'ing in Turku. I'll do some weekend gigs, but probably not weekdays. After the internship I'll take a deep look at my life and see what I really wanna do - and what I have time and energy for.

Our gig list will be updated at our Facebook page, so you can always check it from there. At the time we have two gigs incoming, the first one being a guest dj slot with dj gentlemen Sheikki Sheikki and other local dj's. The second one is Ripatti's solo gig at a literary happening.

Since I'm off the air for at least three months and busy with actual work, I wanted to share some new music with you before I leave for Tampere. So, Spotify playlist got half of the songs replaced with new ones. I'll also try and make a new mix for everyone to enjoy this week or the next one. And I'll try to get Ripatti to contribute to the playlist or to this blog while I'm away.

Here's a real manly anthem to celebrate the start of a busy working autumn (and my b-day BTW):

Take care everyone.  - P-Funk

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