The best of year 2010

OH, it's almost time for happy new year.

But it's still a few days left in this year, so it's time to do some Best of lists. We already started with a Top 50 songs found in Spotify and updated that last Thursday. You can check in, listen and like if you want to HERE.

There will be more Top lists of this year later on, so check in here later on as well. We both did a list for our regular spot Dynamo, so at least those will be out sooner or later.

We are also featuring in next Saturdays Nakit ja Muusit -night @ Cup Pint. Nakit ja Muushit is a night run by Sheikki Sheikki-Hrrri and dj Seoul who is a talented dj. Last time we played with them two was in summer, and I can guarantee they've got good taste in disco, house and boogie new and old.

We've got a lot of stuff lined up for the new year, but haven't sorted them out yet. Anyways, hope you all had a good Xmas and will have a good New Year's Ball.

- Peffis

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