Getting ready for next year

Here's what's gonna happen in the coming year: 

Yup, we're gonna do some changes around here. Our normal club night will go on as usual and deliver disco goodness at Dynamo. We are probably bringing some dope guests for this season, if we can get their schedules to fit. This blog might go from being written in English to Finnish, and we both should be contributing more to this. My radio show - Diskonservatorio - might just go back to radio waves if I can get a good platform for it. Spotify-lists and mixes will definitely go on, since people really dig them and they really are a good way of spreading around our knowhow and favorites. Our Facebook group page will probably change to Fan page, so we can update it more easily.

Musicwise we are are broadening our spectra even more.

There's a few other aces up our sleeves, but you'll just have to sit tight and wait for the news. We haven't sorted them all out yet.

But what we definitely want to do more is get connected with you and get some feedback. So, what would you like us to have more or do differently next season?

- P-Funk

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