Introducing our Friday guests: Art Vandelay

Oh yeah it's Friday already! Shit's going down at Dynamo in about seven hours, be prepared.

Our last guest DJ for tonight is a familiar face for everyone at Dynamo. Brilliantly named DJ Art Vandelay of Sussudio fame plays there weekly and is known for his broad scale of styles ranging from recent disco and house to pop parade of yesterday and back. I guess the man is as fond of Oneohtrix Point Never as he is of New Kids On The Block, so you know it's gonna be good.

Vandelay hit us with a nice Top 10 with many great tracks and YouTube links to boost! Here we go:

1. The Revenge - Night Flight
2. The Outfield - Your Love
3. Escort - Cocaine Blues
4. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Renaissance Man bootcut)
5. LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Prince Language remix)
6. Super Value Classics - B (untitled)
7. Ilija Rudman - Time And Time
8. Lighthouse Family - Question Of Faith (Idjut Boys version)
9. Lazerbitch - Coquette
10. Kings Of The Universe - What I Like (Yeah! Woho! Coma Cat remix)


Now that we have all three guest DJ Top 10s posted here, I think I should post one as well. Pete is doing a mixtape (finished any minute now) that I didn't have time to participate in this time, but here's some tunes I've been listening to this week. Been really into this fast, percussive, kinda dark vibe lately, just like the Shackleton's Konono-remake listed here (the whole compilation CD of those remakes is really great BTW). Some of these will go down tonight, some of them won't. Maybe I'll pack something more melodic stuff overall, but anyway, here it is, DJ Ripatti Top 10 for this Friday:

Shackleton vs Kasai All-Stars - Mukuba Special

Unkle Bakongo - Anlo-Ewe

Smith ‘n’ Hack - Space Warrior

Kyle Hall - Love Control
Björn Torske - Bergensere
Au Revoir Simone -
Another Likely Story (Aeroplane remix)
Sei A - Let It Go (Moodymanc & Paul Hardy mix)

Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow

the Creator - Yonkers
James Blake - Air & Lack Thereof

No youtube links this time, but since I decided to start writing here as well alongside Pete, I'm quite sure you'll be hearing plenty more of this stuff in the future. See you tonight!

- Ripa

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