Introducing our Friday guests: Gayborhood girls

Today we are continuing with the selections of our honored guest for tomorrow. Let me introduce to you, Gayborhood dj's KI KI and Masculina. I met both the girls when I made a small interview with them last summer. They've always had a certain style about their music, a mix of classy newer stuff with the turn of the 90's house sounds, that I really dig and that hardly no one else spins around here. I have much love for the vocals in their sets. The girls spend a lot of time practicing, so they mix good. Check their stylish website here: http://gborhood.com/ and their Top 10 below!

(dj KI KI)
Richard X vs. Liberty X - Being Nobody
Adeva - Don't Let It Show On Your Face (Perfecto mix)
Novika feat. Kasia Kurzawska & Iza Kurzawska - Daily Routines
Munk feat. Asia Argento - Live Fast! Die Old!
Nicole - Don't You Want My Love
(dj Masculina)
Fox the Fox - Precious Little Diamond
Ali Love - Love harder
Aeroplane - Without Lies (Black Van remix)
Appaloosa - Intimate (Glass Candy remix)
Iamamiwhoami - Y

Very nice selection. More top 10's soon to come!
- Peffis

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