Fest-O-Rama kicks off

Little inside knowledge, this just between you and me, right...

That's Ripatti's cat, also featured in this poster. I guess we should take the cat to our gigs, he mixes better than I do!

Anyways, here's the real insider tip: Fest-O-Rama festival starts today with rare films, continues tomorrow with a design market at noon and a full house of music later in Turun Klubi and finishes Sunday with video games and chiptune music by Lisäelämä posse. I would suggest getting your tickets reserved today from 8raita for the Saturday event, so you won't be left out.

Me and Ripatti will be performing Saturday before and between the bands on the middle floor. Will bring some tasty indie stuff, probably try to accompany the good bands with our selection. Maybe something like this:

Ps. DL on the later one here. 320, and shared by Classixx themselves so should be playable.

- Peffis


  1. Beyond The Wizard Remix kuulostaa pirun hyvältä. Muistan kun oltiin radiossa ja sää soitit sen reverso68 remixin. tiputti mut tuolita aika huolella ja maxi onkin ollut siitä lähtien "pakko poisto-listalla".


  2. Ostin aikoinaan 8raidasta alennuksella :D