Time to look back

First of all, thanks for Festorama. Had a very decent fun whole night through. We played a little more indie type of stuff, Glass Candy, Robyn remixes, Lykke Li and - of course - Prince.

After our gig we ended up doing little backstage shenanigans, I snatched the last dj beer from the bridge (sorry gang), tried to play some bangers after the last band (didn't work out) and Ripatti almost took an eyeful of rest at the balcony of Klubi's upper floor. He did wake up in time to try to play the bangers. Good times. Here's a nice photo ooverage of Saturday, go check out.

In more sad news, we've lost so many great musicians in the last week or so: Nate Dogg, Kurt Hauenstein and Loleatta Holloway. Here's a little something to remember their work and inspire you to dig deeper to what they have done:


Here's a really, really dope mix of Nate Dogg hooks and songs. And he had so many of them.

Loleatta Holloway, one of the most recognizable voices of disco and house. She does the vocals on one of my most reliable gig favorites - Relight my fire - and on so many other classics. Check this interview with her.

Kurt Hauenstein is the singer on this one. He was a key musician/producer in the euro disco scene. Check out also Ain't gonna feel for that mega-Cosmic vibe.

Nevertheless, have good week,
- Peffis

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