Get deep with Turku Underground

Like Roland Clark here does:

Have you ever been to a warehouse party around here? You should.

I like downtown clubbing and everything, but there's something about people putting a lot of effort to make a private party happen, then playing music/perform they want to play with no excuses and witnessing bunch of people you probably don't know digging it all. I might be sentimental fool but it does give some hope that people just coming together can have a good time without tight rules, no business aspects, probably no dickheads around, no ending times when the party is at it's best - just pure fun, together.

Later this month we are throwing our last private party at our current venue. So, last chance saloon to experience the thrill of partying all night long in definite DIY-spirit. Only invites and over 18 get in, so get in touch with us.

Here's a photo of me playing in our last Halloween underground rave. The party got a lot wilder a few hours from this moment...

Trust me, these parties are the ones we'll all look back when we're older.

And yeah, bring your own booze.

Here's by the way WAV-file of the Roland Clarke a cappella with some Leo Zero magic. And here's a throughout article I wrote about the history of Turku underground raves. It's a good read.

- Peffis

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