Tuesday's Memory Lane: Masked Advice

Playing records - it's not exactly Black Metal when it comes to pre-show face decoration. But sometimes you get the feeling there ought to be something extra for tonight's show. And sometimes that feeling occurs, say, three hours before hitting the stage. And at that point about the only extra you're going to get can be found from Tiimari's department of embarrassing face masks! These things make it impossible to see or hear anything, and they also look mighty stupid. And boy have we worn them countless times. Here's some of the finest face masks we've sported over the last three years.

#1 - The Satan Mask featuring Skeletor

This is from the last year's Halloween party, naturally. The atmosphere was hot enough as it was, and behind the mask the sweat was dripping into my eyes. I couldn't hear shit through the mask's thick earpiece, so the true extra that appeared here was actually the extra challenge in beatmatching the two records. Skeletor-Pete's mask was even more pressing, but luckily I got to choose first. Plus the devil one matched my red shirt.

#2 - The Lone Bear Mask

This was just some drunken bullshit thrown at Mayday eve's party in 2009 (these mask things always seem to happen on public holidays). Kinda liked the Bear Mask, shame I lost it somewhere after the gig. It actually felt very comfortable and fitting. Not to mention the gained hot looks benefits, implied clearly by the balloon here.

#3 - The Cat Mask

The Cat Mask's story is a whole lot different from the previous two. This was cut out by mighty Matti Ranki, and solely designed for the Fest-O-Rama 2011 party. Worn by at least half the festival's artists on stage, we had to give it a shot as well. Poor Nannu The Cat was all over the place that night. The Cat Mask is hanging on my living room wall at the moment. Unlike the Bear Mask, the Devil Mask, the Skeleton Mask, and who-knows-what toy tambourines and other misfortunate gig accessories.

I have no recollection of the music played with the bear mask on. Pic#1's Halloween set was kicked off with Cabaret Voltaire's evergreen (Do the Mussolini) Headkick, but we've all heard that one, right? At pic#3's Fest-o-Rama, we played a lot of more poppier tunes, recent remixes and covers. Like this one:

Photo#3 by Juho Korhonen. Cheers! Can't remember who took photos #1 & #2.

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  1. Guess: first photo is from Samu, second might be mine actually or Jack Balance.