Monday's Memory Lane: The time I got 2 drunk 2 play

This Friday we are going back to where we started with this whole dj thing: Bar Kuka. There's a nice little recap from our way from that September night to this day at the FB-event. (In Finnish, sorry). And also here's a bigget photo of the flyer for the night.

Since we have started sharing little details of our time as dj's, we thought I'd be nice to share some more stories. So from today to Friday you can read one memorable detail or night we've had in these two and half years.

Let me start, Risto tells another story tomorrow. These are true stories by the way.


This has maybe happened to all of us. Or maybe not.

It was late may 2009 and dj Akahiljane had organized a massive two day indoor festival - Offgame - at our secret warehouse. He had a great idea about putting a real effort for everyone invited, so we had buckets of good food, superb artists (JS666, Dj Emil, Power Point Boys and Ki Ki from Gayborhood) and some beer for the artists. I was supposed to play some tracks to start the Friday evening and get back on decks when it was time to do the last back-2-back's of the night.

Well, the tricky part was this: artists got only just a few beers for free BUT ALL THE VODKA THEY WANTED. For some reason, there was plenty of raw vodka.

So I thought I should take the cheap alternative - I was a relatively poor student then - and sip vodka instead of buying beer after I got my first set done. Whoa, it was alright for the first two small shots. I remember eating the good food and bouncing about when dj Emil played some bmore stuff, BUT after that I it's all blank.

My good friend who escorted me home told me that I had:

- fallen and almost hit my head on a table
- vomited, luckily on the outside of the venue
- left my records behind me and called my friend begging him to go back and bring them to me
- almost passed out at my elevator

The moment I woke up I understood that I had majorly fucked up and missed my second gig. I texted the party organizer and apologized and promised to make it up to him. We are still very good friends. Never underestimate the power of apologizing.

The story has a nice ending, sort of. I did get to play records again the next night, after everyone else had stopped and my super hangover had went away. I remember exactly the point where I won my hangover and that was when Club Power Point played Pet Shop Boys' Always on my mind 12 inch. I was able to dance then and catch the atmosphere of the dancing crowd. I always associate that record to that moment.

Here's the record I played first when I started the Saturday late night shift:

So, the moral of the story? Don't get too drunk to play. For me also to stay away from anything more potent than wine. This shit hasn't happened ever since.

Tomorrow another story from the memory lane of DWTF.
- Peffis


  1. Haha that was awesome story! I think I played my first solo show ever that same night, it was my birthday too. And there's weird pictures of me showing my hairy nipples, I think I ended up as victim of artist vodka too.

    - Dkstr

  2. I remember those photos, too. There are still loads of other good stories about that event untold to the public - I guess the memories will live on with the participants.