Get your skates on

If you didn't know this, now you know: we are hosting & djing in this Diskoluistel-U rollerskating event this Friday. It's free, fun and for the whole family. People seem to very excited about the idea. And believe me, so am I. It's a bit of a dream come true for me if we can pull this off nicely - I've wanted for a few years to do this kind of thing, you know, see how it would work just to bring people together in the sunshine and play them disco outside of the clubs.

Let's just hope it won't rain Friday after all this work to get it done. Here's three related videos to get you in skating mood:

(This last one is like a theme song, I usually hear it in my head when I think of roller skating discos. Written by the great Roy Ayers)

See you Friday at Kupittaa and bring your skates with you,
- Peffis

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