Next Saturday: Diskotusneuvottelut + loads of shoutouts!

Man, how amazing was last Friday? I've never had so much positive feedback as I got from Diskoluistel-U. Just random people, joggers and such, came up and said we should do it every Friday. It's a surprising reaction to people just putting up a soundsystem next to a roller skate park and blasting away pretty rare-ish disco, house and chiptune.

I just wanna say I'm very happy that we did it, now I can cross that off my personal "to do list for life".

Here's one photo of the event. Check the FB page or here for more good photos of happy people. We even got on the news:

This week we have something good for store also. We are going back to Dynamo upstairs after a long while. No guests, just me and Ripatti going deep with our selections. We've dubbed the night as Diskotusneuvottelut, after the political farce we are just going through. FB is also up and top 10's from both of us are coming up soon. I think we'll lean on our disco records and spice it up with newer favorites.

If you'd rather listen to best house available on Saturday, I heartily recommend Sheikki Sheikki's party. The boys have an anniversary coming up and they have done an excellent job with their club for three years.

And if rap selection is you thing, go ahead to So Damn Tuff Open mic. Very recommended. They have become quickly one of the best rap clubs around.

At least three excellent clubs on one night, that's Turku nightlife nowadays.

And also big thanks for Heikki Sillanpää aka DKSTR for updating our old discus thrower logo to space age. It's soooo cooooll :D

Ps. Here's a new house remix of a Classixx track for everyone who read all the way here. 320, so it's ready to go.

- Peffis

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