3 pieces of proper Italian disco meat: Revanche, Macho & Easy Going

Last Saturday was sweaty and nice. Thanks to everyone who came and danced, but especial thanks to a group of guys who made a request I just had to blog about.

It think they were all early 20's and asked me when I was going to play Revanche's 1979 - it's dancing time. I was so amazed that young dudes actually knew about this lesser known, gay-ish Italian disco project produced by Jacques Petrus and even more amazed that they digged particularly the bassline of 1979. I had a quick discussion with the guys and told them I kinda liked the other songs on the LP better and put one on from the record after our talk. It just made me very happy.

To celebrete that, here's three good pieces of disco meat produced by Italians. Pretty loud overtones of "men to men action", but it doesn't take anything away from the music. I'd rather say it's the contrary.

This one has even a dancing video with uniforms and everything. It's from the aforementioned Revanche LP. Very energetic, great strings (!) and synth work.

I still haven't understood what's this about. The name of the song is Gay time latin lover and I'm not too sure it's made by musicians who'd know English that well. This was produced by the great Claudio Simonetti, known for his scores on horror films. BTW, the picture above is the album cover of another Easy Going record. Dunno, what's happening there, is the other dude trying to fist the other dude? Where did their pants go?

Man, this is so good, sweaty, pumping, intense, hard, leatherish and very macho. Straight up fast-paced and amazingly played disco anthem of the gay scene. It's actually a cover of Spencer Davis Group, but gayed way up! Made by Petrus and Mavalasi. Great cover too, you can see the other dude from the reflection in his shades.

Good week, y'all.
- Peffis


  1. "Easy Going was the name of an italian disco-club in Rome and the cover picture was taken from the club logo dancefloor." -toni