Top 12 P-R-I-N-C-E

Have you heard the N.E.W.S? The one and only true Royal Purpleness of pop is coming to Finland. It's gonna be the first time ever, after like 4 cancellations. I'm so there - there's pretty much no one above him for me when it comes to music.

I never leave on a dj gig without a record from the Artist formerly known as Artist formerly known as. So I knew compiling a top 12 - I knew 10 wasn't enough - list of his songs and songs he has written, would be very hard. I also admit I haven't listened to all his output, but there should be some surprises even for the veterans. I could also do a Pr*nce not Pr*nce list of songs he has written for other people.

In no particular order - Top 12 P-R-I-N-C-E

1. Sheila E - Love Bizarre (Arranged By, Backing Vocals, Bass, Co-producer, Guitar, Written-By)
2. Pr*nce & The Revolution - 17 days (Producer, Arranged By, Written-By)
3. P-R-I-N-C-E - Partyup (Producer, Arranged By, Composed By, Performer)
4. Kid Creole - Sex of it (Written-by)
5. Pr***e - Raspberry beret (Extended 12" Version) (Producer, Arranged By, Composed By, Performed By)
6. Pr*ince - Erotic City (Producer, Arranged By, Composed By, Performed By)
7. Prin*e - Head (Producer, Arranged By , Composed By , Performer, Written-By)
8. Time - Stick (w/Linda Coleman)
9. Pr*nce - I wanna be your lover (Producer, Arranged By, Composed By, Performer, Written-By)
10. P & Revolution - I would die 4 U
11. Pr*nce - My name is Pr*nce (Written-by)
12. Prin*e - How come you don't call me anymore (Produced, Written-by)

So which songs I missed - apart from 1999 and Purple Rain, which I love too? And how long you think the links will be up?

- dj Peffis

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