Top 10's for next Wednesday

We'll be playing next Wednesday at the lovely and cozy atmosphere of Bar Kuka. You know the deal: good beer, kicker/fussball matches, great decoration, nice people and decent music, provided by us.

Here's an extra little sumthing sumthing. Last time we played there together I heard that half a dozen people where Shazaming what we we're playing. Nothing wrong with that, quite the opposite. After all, that's what we are there for; to bring unknown good music to new ears.

So, to encourage music discoveries, we are giving away beer/cider tickets to those who recognize first songs from our top 10's. Just come and say hi to the dj booth when you hear one of these ones and you've earned yourself a free beer/cider. Just one ticket per song and until they last, so better be quick.

Top 10's

Ripatti TOP 10:

Autolux – Transit Transit
The Walkmen – Blue as Your Blood
Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks
Wire – Please Take
bob hund – Tvångstankar
Destroyer - Chinatown
Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City)
Ilija Rudman – Prisoner of Passion
Bot’Ox – Slow Burn
Isolée – Journey’s End

Peffis TOP 10:

Paul Martin - Le troublant témoignage de Paul Martin
The The - Giant
Seija Simola - Juna Turkuun
Sam Amidon - Relief
Hird - Getting Closer
Meanderthals - Bugges room
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
Junior Boys - ep
Odyssey - Who
The Pool - Jamaica Running

Have a good midsummer's eve, keep safe.

- Peffis

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