King of music videos

One of those songs I never really remember to put in my record bag when I'm going dj'ing. A shame and a pity.

We're playing tomorrow in comfy Kolo. Last Saturday there was a blast, loads of people and dj's Goatboy & Flipper playing. Let's see if we can cook up as good as night as that was.

And when the weekend comes we'll join in on the fun at Turku Non Jazz, one of the most imaginative festivals around. We'll hit the Dynamo downstairs Saturday and warm up for San Soda. Trust me, if you give us a dancefloor and a soundsystem like that + free hands to play disco and house it'll be amazing. Of course San Soda will probably do an even better job, so checking out his set is really recommended as well.

Here's one of my favorite house tunes of the last few years, from San Soda:

See you around!
- Peffis

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