My italo disco top 10 + some reminders for tomorrow

I promised you a while back a personal top 10 italo tracks list and here it is. I excluded some more disco-ish tracks and focused on synth driven songs.

Nicole J – I've got to go
G.A.N.G. - Incantations
Jody-J - Les Americains
Aax Donnell & Eric Malone - Golden cage
Fred Ventura - Lost in Paris (Sentimental Version)
Savage - Don't cry tonight (12” version)
B.W.H. - Stop
Mike Mareen - Dancing in the dark (Galactica Remix)
Lama - Love on the rocks (12" Mix)
Mike Francis – Survivor

I'll have nine of them with tomorrow. Mike Mareen is still missing from my collection :(

As ALL of you know, tomorrow is the big day - Suomi-Ruotsi-Disko-Ottelu! Here's a short list of things to know:

- We start at 15:00 and all of the evening is broadcasted at 93.8 and on the web here
- Space capacity is limited, so come early to get the best sounding seats
- There is a 80% chance of having a table ice hockey available - ask for pucks at the dj booth
- Johan will bring records to sale, so if you want older Sally Shapiro stuff, show us the money
- Turku duo Cat & Lynx will perform a surprise thingy for Johan tomorrow around 5 pm. It's something really, really special, heard for the first time and maybe the last. DON'T MISS & DON'T TELL JOHAN.
- We have a competition: put your favorite Johan Agebjorn production link to the event wall. We'll randomly pick the winner and he/she gets the newest Casablanca nights and the Sally Shapiro debut.
- There's blankets and cover if it rains a bit.

Let's see you tomorrow,
- Peffis

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