Law & Order in the Disco

You'd guess that there wouldn't be any disco songs that line on the same side with law, police or institutions that maintain order, since discos were places of hedonism and all about breaking free from the chains of society. You'd guess wrong: there are a handful of disco tunes that emphasize law & order, here's a few of them.

Love Committee - Law & Order

The chorus is a bit sugared with orchestration and harmonies, but when you get to the verses, you'll feel the soulfulness. All around great song. BTW, if there was a board seat empty at the Love Committee, I'd be interested.


Dee D. Jackson - Galaxy Police

Camp values aplenty with this one. It's not a bad song by any standards, though. It also includes a weird spoken word outro.


Quest - Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts have their own disco tune? Who would have known? This one's a favorite of mine. Listen carefully to the lyrics: loads of social questions and the answer is always boy scouts. Amazing bassline.


Don Armando's 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band - Deputy of Love

"I confess to be the deputy of love". I could have chosen another Kid Creole/Ze Records tune, maybe, since he has many crime stories in his songs. This one has to be one of the best. This song just rolls along, doesn't it?


Have a good week,
- Peffis

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