Thanks for the weekend

Phew, two very different nights in a row.

The first one we held the line at Turku UG site and partied till six in the morning with Nam Shub of Enki, DKSTR, Fossa and Dj Puliukkonen. At five o'clock the place was packed with smoke, pretty much everyone left were us, the organizers and dj's starting pumping gabber. Just then someone came there from a Halloween party, dressed up as a bunny or something. He had - for some unknown reason - a saxophone with him, so he was quickly put next to an open mic and made to play with the even quickening hardcore techno sounds of Atte Häkkinen. I passed by him when I went home and he played on his way home, too.

Good times.

The next evening we played some quirky punk, Finnish obscurities and AOR at cozy Bar Kuka. Lots of people said they liked the selection and asked what we played to know it better. It always makes me very happy. Enjoyed both nights very much, thanks for everyone involved.

For bonus: here's all JS666 albums re-released. The incredible JS666 was one the first artists we brought to Turku warehouse parties and some of his songs just got played at five o'clock last Friday morning, so it's quite fitting his albums got re-released just now in tune the weekend afterglow. Let's call it destiny.

Have a good weekend,
- Peffis

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