5 Best new Finnish acts you haven't heard of

I'm actually a journalist by day, and a lot of the time I work on stories relating to music. I've also done something close to 150 reviews. Because of this, I was asked to contribute to the Future Dozen poll of Finland. Basically they ask Finnish music journalists to name three promising acts that haven't released a full album. I did what was asked and named three artists.

Unfortunately none of them got in the top 12. There's no need to keep my choices secret, so here's my top three with two extra names that have impressed me lately and still haven't got an album out (as I know).


The first Finnish chill wave band? Maybe not, but their dreamy soundscapes still deliver.

Sans Parade

From my hometown Turku comes this supergroup of sorts. Can't imagine why this wouldn't hit the indie vein big time if they can make an album.

Arttu Aka Lump

Best kept secret of Finnish house music. Dude lives in Lisbon and makes soulful house tunes that have caught the ear of important house labels in Central Europe.


I discovered this just yesterday. Dude has a deft ear for melodies and knows how to build new disco tunes. I'm very impressed in a very small time.

Roberto Rodriguez aka Manolo

One of the old foxes of Finnish house scene finally gets a number one breakthrough with Night Rhythm. He also has an album on the way and just started to run his label Serenades.

I'm very impressed and happy for all of these. Keep up the good work (and drop me promos if you want me to play them or write about them)!

- Peffis

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