Confessions of a disco freak

I feel like posting something about disco again.

When we started this Dj collective of ours we we're all pretty into the disco thing. Even though roughly half of the songs we play in our sets are from other genres that we try make sit well in a disco environment, the common ground was disco or danceability in its multiple variations. (Of couse, historically all club music stems from disco)

Now, I've been discovering (nice choice of a word, eh) that the all important global underground hipster/dance music scene is really bringing disco back. It seems to be bubbling under the surface in different forms: as disco edits from Great Britain, as disco house from the likes of Duck Sauce or Mr.Oizo, as Finnish disco for the nostalgic crowd, as disco punk for the tight-trousered ones... All in all, there's a lot of talk about disco revival - even though it never really left us.

I don't think we we're too conscious about this global trend when we started with this name and idea. I kinda dropped listening to trendy music - besides the music I listen for work purposes - a few years back. So I don't really known what the blog hits and undercurrent trends are.

And from the start, I've always been very sceptical about playing my disco favorites here since there really seems to be a handful of people who get the same kicks as I do, for example from listening to Sylvester. Now, do discover that there really is a noteworthy disco scene blowing up globally... I really don't know what do think of it. Suddenly I'm a trendy dj? WTF is happening?

Here's a few good interviews about the disco upheaval, from the indie-accepted DFA artists:

James Murphy on Resident Advisor

Juan MacLean on XLR8R TV

What a good point on disco edits as taking the gayness out of original disco.

And on the gayness note, if you don't know what Horse Meat Disco is about check a good interview here. They're coming to Finland as well, should be a lot of fun.

Anyways, have a good weekend y'all, dance and have fun. I'll post later a good update about an event we're organizing with the chiptune pioneers of Turku. So keep your eyes on this page...

- P-Funk

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  1. Much luv my friend. Hit me up again. I got you, Take care & all the best 2 U and my peepz who are supporting what I'm doing in your area. Peace. - D-F