Now, things are complicated

It's a weird thing, I spotted this great track from the excellent Top Billin vol. 13 mix. This is their third anniversary, and for you who don't know, they have risen in these three years to be THE club institution of Finland, who almost everyone is copying, musically and otherwise.

Here's the track in question (from the evergreat DFA):

Now, this dark, relentless and almost bleak track really goes again the grain of the party-breaksy, gun-sampladelic stuff Top Billin rise to fame with. (Of course, anyone who reads their blog knows their musical tastes run much, much deeper than the banger stuff they're famous for). It was also announced that this would be their last Top Billin-club for a while and that they might be looking for something else musically as well.

I don't know. Of course I'm reading much more to this than there really is, but are the clubbing trends changing here from the happy and not-so-serious happy days to something more darker and more disillusioned? Maybe the murky days with growing economic crisis, rising social tensions and corrupted government are changing the mood in the clubs as well?

Now, things really seem to be more complicated. Outside of the club as well.

- P-Funk

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