It's the remix # 4

It might actually be already remix # 5... But let's not let that get into the way.

I've always been more interested in the attitude of Lindstrom than really his music, to be honest. I Feel Space is still a stellar track, but apart from it, his and Prins Thomas' Cd compilations we're a bit of a disappointment for me. Recently, I've really loved their dj sets and remixes, so it's a mixed reception. BTW, I did an interview with them for Basso magazine a half an year back - check that out if you're interested.

This remix is one of those that really stand out. Maybe even one of the remixes of the year. It's Lindstrom's take on Doves' Jetstream.

What does Lindstrom do with it? He takes the oscillating background drums and says "this track needs to take off ground". What we get is 5 minutes of exquisite jamming that builds up with killer bassline and takes you with it to the skies. After the 5 minute mark Lindstrom brings in the vocals, which sound totally different in this context. They build up emotional, but not stressful tension for a few minutes, followed by a sweet release when it all goes back to crazy jam mode for the rest of the song. Such a great moment, especially with the strings!

I bought this one yesterday from our local record shop (I'm still one of those suckers who hasn't moved on to all mp3 sets). Can't wait to drop it on a decent soundsystem.

- P-Funk

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