Wanting to belong

Have you ever noticed, the indie kids always want to belong? I'm not saying it's a bad thing - we all need warm relationships and some acknowledgment for our being, but it's certainly well mapped territory of human condition in that particular music genre. Here's a prime example, as is a big part of Smiths' catalogue. (BTW, Diskjokke remix of the track is a starter)

But for me, now that I've joined the dark side of music called disco, where post-irony rules over all, I proudly proclaim my needs to belong to a certain Gary's Gang.

I don't know who Gary is, but if he pumped out disco hits like this, and had a dance-ready gang as his wingmen, he's a winner in my books. Call me Gary, let's wear matching jackets and do stuff at the disco.

A little sample connection; GC's Do it at the disco's sax break was transformed by mr. Oizo to this. Ah, how the French love to recycle disco...

- P-Funk

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