Updates, updates, updates...

I decided to do a little bit of renovating around this blog: changed the color scheme to a more neutral and balanced, added that photo, changed the infobox on the right. Feel free to comment on how the graphic design works: I'm aiming to make it as easy to read as possible. I'm thinking about should we also include upcoming gigs or recent Top-5's here somewhere or not. Comments are very welcomed.

I also updated our Spofify playlist. Apparently you can subscribe to it in the new version of Spotify, and we have near 170 subscribers already. Quite amazing, I hadn't even updated it in a while.

And here's a recent Top 5 from me:

Kc flight - planet e (tony johns 88 forever edit)
G.A.N.G. - KKK
Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Leo zero re-edit)
Abe Duque feat. Blake Baxter - What happened?
Cantoma - Gambara [Lexx Remix]

Have a good week,
- P-Funk

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