Sorry for the slow week or two. Too much to do, too little time or energy... And football on the telly every day. (Here's a definite football song, as gay as it comes)

The good news is that we're doing our best to bring some very highly appreciated dj's to do a gig at Turku, so we're not lazying our asses off. It's a lot of effort but hopefully we can make them happen. So cross your fingers.

Tonight (Thursday 17th) you can get catch a lot of our selections by checking my Diskonservatorio radio show from 20 to 22 at local Zoom radio and later from 22 to late night at the cozy Bar Kuka. That makes at least 5 hours of specially picked music from us to you.

Here's a recent Top 5 new discoveries from me:

James Chance And The Contortions - Incorrigible (Liv Spencer And Dj Spun Remix)
Kenny Loggins - This is it (Mad Mats rework)
LCD Soundsystem - Home
Mim Suleiman - Nyuli
Chris Isaak - Mr Chicago did a bad bad dub

I'll probably play out a lot of easy going summery disco with AOR vibes tonight. Not so much house or leftfield disco, I think I'll save those for dance floors.

And by the way, my friend surprised me with a great live mix. You can listen to Dj Ki Ki's "Feel what you want" here. They have a new Gborhood project up, go and have a look.

All the best for y'all.
- P-Funk

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