Thanks for everyone

Had a busy week with three gigs, one radio show and one definite clubbing experience as a dancer with a legendary dj hero. Four days of drinking in a row does take it's toll...

Let's try to recap some of the experience: last Wednesday we had the possibility to play at a swimming stadium, which was very cool with the sun setting down and the water all still. It would have been a lot cooler if the decks hadn't been put way up in the tower which is for the divers. I was terrified to trembles, and barely could get myself to play. Todd Terje's Eurodans seemed to fit the atmosphere perfectly. We had the pleasure to dj with Kimito Diskotek from Sussudio - holla!

Thursday we took the train to Helsinki to play at the terrace of Mbar. We were accompanied by dj Antti Juuso. It was a nice evening filled with italo and boogie classics. I dropped a Prince-related selection at one point, including this jam. Many thanks for the full terrace and Antti Juuso for this opportunity.

Friday was one of those nights that a disco dj saves your life. Daniel Wang did a free gig in Turku, which still amazes me, and oh boy, does he know how to put up a party. A full night of disco bliss with loads of instrumental sections - accompanied by Danny doing the air guitar thing - and great mixing. It's quite telling that the evening ended with a conga-line lead by Daniel. It definitely showed me that there's so much to learn. One of the numerous highlights was this B-side. I better get that record...

Saturday we cooled out at a boat. It's still quite freezing out here in Finland. We were accompanied by other dj from the forementioned Sussudio, Art Vandelay. It was a good experience, maybe played too much house and club-associated stuff, dunno. This italo classic got a good response as did Ripatti's weird disco edits.

And of course we had to take a fan photo with Daniel. So embarrassing to act like a teenager, but hey, you need to have heroes to look up to.

Have a good week,
- P-Funk

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