Get ready for tomorrow's Italian Job

It's party time again. Turku Non Jazz is a three day mini festival with a good program (check the link for full info) of live sets and the makers and shakers of Turku dj scene. Me and Risto are accompanied Friday by the great Italian nu-disco, or perhaps more aptly nu-italo?, artist called Bottin. The dj and producer from Venice has done more than impressive career with the tastemaking labels such as Italians do it Better and Eskimo Records.

We will play alongside him on Friday at Dynamo. Our slot is from 23 to 24, so come early to catch the little disco hour of our own. I'm bringing some new stuff from the likes of Eli Escobar and older rarities such as Gichy Dan & Beachwood 9. After our gig we might do some back to back action later that evening, and probably feature later the weekend under "All Stars gigs". So lots of good reasons to take all you can get from this weekend.

But here's some Bottin favorites to wake up your interests. He's done a lot of other good productions - and seems to get better as time passes by - so take a peak at his Soundcloud.

Ps. Our Spotify playlist got updated yesterday, so head there for new musical discoveries.

See ya this weekend.

- P-Funk

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