Introducing our Friday guests: DJ Goatboy

So, just a quick recap: We are having our first DWTF club night this Friday at Dynamo downstairs. Better sound than before, bigger dance floor and dark lighting - we are already superexcited about it.

We wanted to celebrate the occasion by bringing some Turku actives to accompany us on Friday. The first one I'm gonna introduce is dj Goatboy. He is one half of the Sheikki Sheikki club, which is highly recommended, and has a deft sense for the best new records. We asked him to contribute a Top 10, here it is with links!

Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band - I'm An Indian Too
Sinnamon - I Need You Know
Kristol - After The Dance
Geraldine Hunt - Can't fake the feeling
Imagination - Music And lights
Azoto - Any Time Or Place
Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug
Kinky Foxx - So Different
Vicky D - This Beat Is Mine
Cheri - Murphy's Law

Now, gotta admit loving that selection. Very disco, very much fun. I'll get a Top 10 from other guests and Risto in the next few days.

- Peffis

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