Aeroplane split up last summer, was it all that bad thing after all?

I have been an Aeroplane fan for a long time. I remember I bought their Whispers 12" just when it got out to markets and took their Sebastian Tellier remix to Music review panel (Levyraati) here in Turku. Lukewarm reception BTW. So I can say I've had somewhat close relation to the band.

So when the pair separated last summer, as many other fans, I was a bit disappointed. They were scheduled to come to Finland, and I didn't what would happen. It just happened that I got a chance to do an interview with Vito and at the time it seemed to me that he was the talented one of the duo. After all, it was him who did most of the studio work and Stephen Fasano only helped with ideas.

Now, some 8 months later, the other part of Aeroplane, Stephen Fasano aka The Magician is also steadily delivering some decent tunes and remixes. I think he has a good knack for that bass-driven disco sound which works well on younger dance floors.

What do you reckon, could it actually be that we have now two good dance producers and dj's instead of one? Here's two downloadable recent reworks from The Magician and Aeroplane:

Beni "It's a Bubble" The Magician Remix by TheMagician

All the best for the both of them. Hopeful to see them dj soon somewhere.
- Peffis

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