LCD Soundsystem's last gig

Just in case some of you haven't checked it out yet, here's the last LCD Soundsystem gig in all of it's glory:

Needless to say, the band is amazing, James is as charismatic as ever and ALL of the songs are pretty much modern dance classics. Be quick and watch it as soon as you can, it might get taken down because of the right holders.

But hey, here's something extra regarding LCD Soundsystem. Just like R. Kelly would point out, there's there's always an after party after the party, and here's some footage of the last moments of the last after party after the last ever LCD Soundsystem gig.

That's a nice scene when everyone is trying to light the party up by singing the LCD SS tune. Touching. What will live in the history as the last tune of the night... WHAM!

Thanks for the years, LCD Soundsystem. (BTW, I got to review their last album, my review has got some good insights on the band)

- Peffis

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