Lop U was a great party and WE made it happen

I need to get something of my chest. We had our last warehouse party last Saturday. It was the end scene in a long run of maybe 5 or so parties. Lots of the people involved from the beginning were back doing a gig or organizing and maybe even some of the crowd has been with us from the start. A reunion.

You do these things for many reasons but I think most of revolve around making a party happen for open-minded people who appreciate the freedom and no-rules-on-music approach. We, the organizers, take the risk to have artists who don't necessarily fit in at the music policies of clubs and the risk of trusting that the people we invite behave nicely even when there's no official bouncers around.

It's really a lot about trust. It takes idealism. Are you willing to trust that if you don't have official rules people who come together can have good fun and party their asses of?

That's what we believed.

Didn't exactly turn around that way. There were a small bunch of idiots who tried to ruin the party for everyone by bitching about, trying to pick up a fight, not paying their way in and tagging the walls.

But you know what? Even after this bunch of assholes took their best shot of fucking everyone's mood up, people still managed to have time of their lives. Just take a look of our photos. I see only smiley faces.

And here's something else: after the last live gig, me and dj Johnny D (who is very underrated as a dj) were starting to play some records back 2 back. Just after 4 songs we had to stop and cut the music, because of the aforementioned wankers. It just happened that I was playing bouncey stuff to re-start when I was told to stop. My last song pick - which will live to be the last of the whole Turku U -series - was a Top Billin' remix of Gil-Scott Heron's Willing.

I remember when I played this, Johnny D said he couldn't have picked a better last song. This morning I listened to it again. Just read the lyrics:

We've all come to think ourselves
as links in a chain - so much to gain
We are the ones that tie our fathers to our sons
Don't you know, that's how we grow

What my life really means is that the songs that I sing
Are just pieces in a dream that I've been building
And we can make a stand and hey, I'm reachin' out my hand
'Cause I know damn well we can if we are willing

But we gotta be...
Got to be willing.

You know what I'm after. We were willing and we made it happen. I'm pretty fucking proud about that. And so should you be, if you were one of the organizers, one of the good crowd, one of the performers or one of the good people who helped us along the way.


BTW. Here's a recording of our dj set, right from the start of the night. You can hear the audio engineers talking the whole way through and general noise, but the music comes through pretty clearly.

- Peffis

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