Top 10 from Johan Agebjorn himself + videomegamix

It really IS true. Only 8 days to go.

Dj Goatboy asked a while back if Johan could also contribute a top 10, and of course we're more than happy to do that. So here it goes, from the man himself. I linked the song names so you can listen to them easily.

Top 10 inspirational tracks for my disco productions - Johan Agebjorn

1. Valerie Dore "Get Closer"
2. FPU "Waiting For Snow"
3. Ercola feat. Annie "Follow Me"
4. The Whitest Boy Alive "Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)"
5. Humate "Love Stimulation (Love Mix)"
6. Savage "Don't Cry Tonight"
7. Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. Bulgari "Caprice"
8. Katy Gray "Hold Me Tight"
9. Nicolas Makelberge "Dying In Africa"
10. Pet Shop Boys "King's Cross"

I already feel a bit nervous and excited about the night. The Heineken popup is already up and running, and the sunset is amazing to witness from the bar.

Here's a bonus, more from the Finnish/Italo side of the spectrum. I put together 20 campy-ish videos from 80's for this videomegamix. All the songs are good, un-ironically, but the videos tend to go to the camp road. Thumbs up!


Johan has a blog that very few know about. Check it out here.

Have a good weekend,

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