5 times LOVE

I was making a list for a Finnish dj forum about 5 songs that have been bumping on my soundsystems for a while. The funny thing was that I didn't notice how many of my picks actually included word LOVE in them (4 out of 5).

So I thought I'd share my selections with you. I decided to change the one song that didn't have LOVE in it and another one I already had posted here, tho.

Here are the 5 songs. The links lead to a video/stream of the song, so you can check them out by clickin'.

Chic - I want you love (Todd Terje edit)
Azari & III - Reckless with Your Love
Sammy Gordon & The Hip Huggers - Making Love
Kris di Angelis & Ben Dobie - Making Love (Move Closer)
Ten City - That's The Way Love Is (Underground Mix)

Now I see that I could have easily made a Top 10, If I had wanted.

Listwise speaking, I hope everyone has discovered our Spotify-playlist. Me and Ripatti try to update it as often as possible, so you can keep up with the music we discover all_the_time. Of course, there's not that much older, rare, only-vinyl stuff there, so I'll try to bump those songs via this blog.

- P-Funk

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